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Bible Diploma Graduates

The Bible Diploma course, established by the Dean, our Archbishop, has been running for over ten years and has seen many students benefit from the depth and breadth of his teaching covering a range of Biblical subjects. Some subjects are more theological such as the nature of Jesus Christ and the Trinity, whilst others look at Biblical Interpretation, Prophecy, Church History and many other engaging topics.

The course is open to everyone regardless of previous qualifications or academic ability and is taught in an enjoyable and accessible way by serving Ministers at ACC, Pastor John, Pastor Chris, and Deacon Andrew. The eight week duration of the course, held at the church building every Saturday between 10am and 1pm, has been kept at the very affordable price of £290. Students can be assured of a blessed time learning about the Author of the greatest Book ever compiled, and those He used in the process to share the Good News of His love through His precious Son Jesus Christ.


On completion, successful candidates will be awarded a diploma recognised by Ixthus Church Council. For further enquiries please contact Pastor John (Course Convenor) at

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